DA-TE-APPS 2017 in Sendai, Japan

February 19, 2017

DA-TE-APPS event is an annual event hold by Global Lab Sendai as a part to their educational programs since 2014. The event welcomes over 200 visitors, as a setting that allows students and young people from Sendai, Tohoku, to showcase their abilities. Participants create apps or come up with ideas based on particular themes, which are then presented on stage. This event also provides an opportunity for local students to be matched up with local companies, and some students even end up being offered employment following the event. Many students enter the competition every year while keeping their eyes on the wonderful prizes, including an opportunity to visit Finland for the top winner.

For supporting DA-TE-APPS 2017, Rohm will host Oulu 3D Sensor Game Jam 2017 in Oulu Finland and welcome the top winner from DA-TE-APPS 2017 as a challenger for the global Game Jam Event.

Date February 19, 2017 13:00 – 17:00
Place Sendai PIT in Sendai City Japan
Attendees More than 200
URL Global LAB Sendai
Oulu 3D Sensor Game Jam 2017